Why System Campers?

SYSTEM Campers pride ourselves on delivering quality campers to each of our customers, and endeavour to fulfil all customised requests where possible. We have previously been ISO accredited for quality, safety and environment and these process systems are adhered to, to ensure a quality product and experience for every customer.

System Campers are unique and innovative in their design, specialising in slide on campers for dual cab vehicles with the ability to be customised as per customer’s requirements. Our manufacturing facility at Yalangur, Queensland fabricates and fits all components that are sourced from local suppliers where possible.

We are highly relational in our approach to planning and execution of our manufacturing processes with most of our clients to date coming from Word of Mouth referrals. 

Our first camper in the range is specifically designed for dual cab vehicle owners that love to camp and may not have been able to tow their toys in the past. With a SYSTEM camper you don’t have to choose anymore…you can take 4 people and tow a boat, or toy trailer.

We provide and deliver campers Australia wide.

Being of modular design this camper has a large audience with the flexibility to add furnishings as required, for example:

CONTRACTORS & TRADESPEOPLE:  Our Campers are designed to enable contractors and tradespeople to travel to remote areas for contract work and still enjoy all the benefits of comfortable accommodation with excellent cooking facilities.

LONG TERM REMOTE LOCATION WORKERS: We know that being away from home on long extended periods as a result of your vocational requirements can take its toll on you. With this in mind, we have taken great lengths and spared no cost in designing a camper that makes life that little more enjoyable.

ANGLERS:  Designed for people who love to get out, adventure and fish all the great spots, System Campers offer a range of options to make the experience even better.

HUNTERS:  If you are a keen hunter who likes to rough it and have all the comforts of home (and more) System Campers are built for any environment you care to throw at them.

FAMILY CAMPERS:  In today’s busy and demanding lifestyle, there is a growing culture of "Back to Basics". More singles, couples and families are opting to de-stress, disconnect from the digital world and engage in nature. With limited time to get away, System Campers are fully equipped to make your mini-breaks and the longer ones comfortable and stress free to set up camp.

EQUESTRIANS:  Travelling to an Equestrian event and tired of bunking down in sub standard accommodation? Our Campers are perfect for you. Securely fitted to dual cab ute, you'll still be able to tow the float and have your own custom camper setup exactly how you want it.

4WD ENTHUSIASTS:  Adventure, power and dirt... all the fun of a 4WD enthusiast. But what about the accommodation issue when you get there?  Sick of the time and stress involved in setting up camp at the end of a trek? Take a break and use one of our standard or custom fitted System Campers. Everything you'll want... and more!

ADVENTURERS, EXPLORERS or TOURERS:  Ever wanted to tow the boat to a remote location and have a camper setup that provides space, cooking facilities and accommodation options like never before? You'll love our range of System Campers designed for the keen explorer.

MOTORCYCLISTS:  Want to tow the bikes out for a run and have a perfect camping scenario waiting for you after a long ride? System Campers will more than cover all bases!

System Campers are the perfect solution for anyone looking for a flexible solution to retain the use of their vehicle whilst camping and still allow them the ability to tow their equipment.